The Thai Spa Experience

Thai Spa in Delhi

Thailand is known, all over the world, for its rich spa culture. Traditional massage and herbal remedies have cured the ailments of generations of Thais - that's why they're still in use today. And how many other countries have a massage style named after them? Thai Massage is taken so acutely here, in fact, that 60 stone tablets carved with palm-leaf inscriptions describing it are enshrined in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

Herbs are an important part of everyday life in Thailand, and are used in traditional Thai healing for their rejuvenating and balancing effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

Those fortunate enough to have experienced the warmth and hospitality of Thailand will know all too well the genuine care and excellent service that are delivered here. In Thailand, it is all about culture and remaining true to the land.

Therein lies the unique advantage to spas developed in Thailand. To have team members who take a genuine interest in their clients, care about their jobs and are proud to work in their respective fields is certainly a plus to the spa industry. All who return to Thailand will be welcomed with the warm wai, which is a prayer like greeting-just like namaste in India-that offers respect and warmth to all who visit."

The Thai culture is well-known for its reputation in the service industry. Thai spa culture offers alternative therapies with its inherited tradition of herbal practice that has been proven to give excellent results for health and well-being, both holistically and scientifically. It's part of a variety of spa treatments from the genuine tradition of the Thai people that has been practiced for more than 3,000 years.