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Chandigarh is one of the famous Union territories of India and is the capital of Punjab and Haryana. This city is famous for its rich culture and heritage. Famous as a tourist place, every year people throng from many parts of India as well as the world. Apart from the different attractions that this city boasts of, the scenic beauty is also worth mentioning. Keeping the tradition alive and blending it with the contemporary features, Chandigarh has so many different genres of offers to present to its visitors.

Each and every corner of the city is filled with illustrious architecture, classy infrastructure, Facial centers, malls, adventure zone and many more. However, one of the main highlights is the Chandigarh Facial. The spa and Facial centers are attracting the crowds with its different Ayurvedic and International spa treatments, providing the best form of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The overview of Elante Mall Will Let You Know about This!

One of the best Facial in Chandigarh can be found in Elante Mall. The overview of Elante Mall reflects all the striking things for which this mall is considered to be the second largest among its northern competitors. While there are so many different types of things that the visitor can enjoy in our place, while highlighting the overview of Elante Mall, the special mention goes to Chandigarh Facial centers- the Indulge Spa and O2 Spa.

The city is one of the best-known for its architecture and also the budding infrastructure. One such example is the Elante Mall, showing its dominance at Purv Marg.

Enjoy the services that are provided at one of the best Chandigarh spas, which include Threading, Waxing, Skin Care, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures and other attractive options as well. Apart from that, the special Facial packages include the Facial treatment, Balinese Massages, Aromatherapy, and other interesting massages that would not only relax your mind but will also provide you with a healthy and sound body as well.

What adds to the relaxing environment are the special outlets and also the peace-inducing surroundings of the place which is no less than a dream for some people.
The overview of Elante Mall also reflects on some of the best brands and stores along with entertainment sections to spend the whole day in a lavish tone.

For the Best Facial Services Go To Elante Mall Chandigarh

An unparallel city in terms of architectural beauty, Chandigarh is also regarded as one of the best-planned city in this country. The balance of rich heritage and the sweet gestures of the locals’ greats every tourists’ with warmth. Added with coziness, ‘Facial’ is another thing that has a connection and this city can offer one of its best sessions!

Looking for a place to pamper yourself and relax completely and wash away all your stress? Look no further than the dreamy city of Chandigarh to get the best of everything you need.

If you wish to look younger by getting rid of dead cells from your skin, then perfect facial treatment is the need of the hour. You need to concentrate deeply so that it helps to get the maximum positive result out of it. Anti aging facial spa can prove to be wonders to your skin where you can experience the fresh look making your skin supple with an extra glow. The most reputed facial spa near me in Chandigarh can provide the best result where you can experience within a very short time.

With the ultimate and perfect selection for the best facial treatment in Chandigarh also helps in saving a lot on your pocket. The best cost effective rates for the facial spa treatments lead to finding yourself quite happy with your perfect choice. Therefore contacting the right service provider for the ultimate facial spa treatments would help in turning your dream into a reality with your youthful look.

By opting for the best beauty treatments for face it becomes possible to experience the right and positive effect on your skin. Your dark circles and blemishes would vanish with the help of the best experts that specializes in facial services in Chandigarh.


Elante Mall, 2nd Floor, Shop No. 238A, 178-178A,
Purv Marg Industrial Estate Phase 1
Chandigarh Punjab 160002 India
Phone:+91 172 419 0854 / 55

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What is a facial spa treatment?

If you are looking to take care of your skin, a great facial spa treatment can be the ideal choice. It is one of the best ways to keep your skin look youthful and free from dirt and other harmful particles which can accumulate and further destroy your facial skin.

Can a facial get rid of blackheads?

Yes, if you are going for regular facial treatments, they can help you in eliminating the blackheads with ease and comfort. Particularly, a great cleaning followed by a facial massage can be the best way to remove blackheads. Such treatment opens up the pores and deep cleanses the skin to deeply eliminate blackheads.

Can getting a facial help with acne?

Facial can help people who have mild acne. If you have moderate to severe acne’s, you might need a doctor’s advice before you opt for any facial treatment. Facials are effective in treating comedones (Whiteheads & Blackheads). Also, exfoliating twice a week can help in eliminating mild acne for sure.

Are facial good for your skin?

Going for Facials twice a month can eventually enhance your skin tone and will make your skin look even and a lot better. They help in improving the blood circulation on the face which rejuvenates the skin, promotes a healthier facial skin free from blemishes and other facial critical conditions.

How can I do face spa at home?

The world is an open market and here, you can enjoy doing your best-loved facials at home without any issue whatsoever. You can hook over YouTube, watch some videos, buy yourself an amazing facial kit and glow your skin to unbelievable heights. Also, you can opt for different companies which offer spa at home servicing

How many times we can do facial in a month?

Although every one of us has intentions to take care of our skin to the best possible extent, there is no strict limitation in doing facial. All are based on your budget and your willingness to do facial. You can either go for facial every 2 to 3 weeks or facial after every month can be helpful.

How can I do face spa at home?

Although there are plenty of videos available on the Internet, you might certainly pick the best one and do face spa on your own. Buy some amazing face spa products, watch videos and you are all set to do. Also, you can go to various Spa companies which offers face spa services at home.

Do facial extractions hurt?

No. There is no usage of scary tools during facial extractions. It is usually done with fingers; glove a super clean tissue and a needle which will be used in removing those blackheads and pimples on the face. But, they do really hurt a bit but the pain is much bearable.