Body Treatments

body spa in delhi

Coffee Scrub (45 Min.)

Detox – Exfoliates – Soft velvety skin

A puree honey mixed with coffee bean and yoghurt to detoxify, exfoliate, stimulate and refresh the entire body. Leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Samui Coconut Scrub (45 Min.)

Removes dead cells – Softens and Nourishes skin

Coconuts have long been considered a versatile fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Its nourishing oil and tender flesh makes this gentle scrub suitable for dry to normal skin.

Chocolate Delight Scrub (45 Min.)

Antioxidant – Removes dead skin cells – Fights free radical damage

Pamper your skin with deliciously rich chocolate which has antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing and basking in the aromas of chocolate for a purely enticing chocolate spa experience.

Thai Herbal Scrub (45 Min)

Removes Impurities – Heals blemishes – Instant Glow

The healing properties of Thailand's mineral rich mud remain both a mystery and a secret. This recipe of Thai white mud, Tanaka and Plai paste makes the skin soft and silky. The creamy Thai mud concoction draws out any infection and impurities from the body and heals blemishes on the skin's surface, Plai promotes blood circulation while Tanaka adds glow to your skin.