Added Indulgence

Pure Indulgence Massage

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Head Massage (30 Min)

Reduces Scalp Tension - Hair Root Strengthening - Mentally Soothing

This Ayurvedic massage treatment focuses on the cranial area, to stimulate the nerves and improve energy and blood circulation in the head and shoulders. Using extra virgin Olive oil, this therapy nourishes, conditions, increases blood circulation and strengthens hair roots and the scalp.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 Min.)

Reduces Back & Shoulder Tension - Stiff Back Relaxation - Deep Muscle Stimulation

A soothing massage specially designed to alleviate backaches and shoulder pains. This invigorating massage treatment helps to reduce fatigue and maintain the elasticity of muscle fibres. This therapy stimulates blood flow bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and eliminating waste products.

Foot Reflexology (35 Min.)

Aromatic – Re-Energising – Reflexology

The art of reflexology applies medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body's vital organs. By stretching and manipulating the feet, reflexology corrects imbalances and gives a wonderful sense of relaxation to the most neglected part of our bodies.